New Pricing Koi CBD E- Juice/ Tincture

New pricing on koi CBD E-Juice/Tincture our 250mg and 500mg Koi E- Juice/Tincture!!! These products can be vaped and they can be taken sublingually. CBD Superstore Durango working diligently to provide our customers with affordable, lab tested CBD. Koi E-Juices are perfect for anyone looking to fill a vape tank with CBD only. It is a great alternative to vaping Nicotine.

Pricing Change:

250mg: now cost $30 instead of $40

500mg: now $50 instead of $60

Koi Flavors:

Vanilla custard, Watermelon apple, blue raspberry dragonfruit, and strawberry lemonade.

These incredible tasting E-Juices will leave you feeling while having the most enjoyable flavor around.

New Pricing Koi CBD E- Juice

Koi CBD started back in 2015 when the founders recognized a recurring problem that was becoming all too rampant within the cannabis industry. That due to lack of standardization, it was incredibly challenging to find a quality CBD product that would work in the way medical studies claimed it would.

They tried and tested dozens of different products. To them, it was inherently clear that the market was “flooded” with substandard products that contained either no CBD at all or contained amounts that were a far cry from the percentage that was listed on the label.

As such, Koi CBD set out with a singular goal in mind: to (as they put it) “help as many people as possible” by manufacturing a CBD extract with full traceability – from the raw material, to the testing laboratory, and all the way to the finished and packaged bottle.

We only recently decided to conduct this complete Koi CBD review after trying one of their vape oils (of all things). And after experiencing first hand the quality and potency of the oil, we decided to try out some of their edibles and oral CBD tinctures as well.