Capsules Specifically formulated for your needs!

Capsules Specifically formulated for your needs! Here at CBD Superstore Durango our main goal is to find quality, lab tested CBD products, at an affordable price.

We are now carrying a brand called Social CBD. They formulate their vapes and capsules to fit your specific needs. We currently carry 2 of their capsule option. One of the options is for Rest the full bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, and a combination of valerian root, and Passion flower. This product will leave you extremely relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. The other capsule is for recovery. The purpose of this is to help with recovering muscles. The full bottle of capsules contains 1000mg of CBD, cur cumin, and black pepper extract.

Capsules Specifically formulated for your needs!

This Portland-based company has not only become a frontrunner in premium CBD but also a true champion of the industry.

Through providing education, facilitating connection, and making high-quality hemp products widely available. Social CBD is driving a global wellness movement that aims to rid the world of false narratives and make achieving optimal health as straightforward as possible.

Purity You Can See

These oils undergo extraction and purification processes that filter out residual plant materials for a transparent oil that denotes incredible purity and potency. 

Not just that, but Social’s products have zero THC in them, making them great for those who want all the great benefits of CBD without even trace amounts of this psychoactive cannabinoid.